fostering creativity, engendering and enhancing collaboration, promotion and incorporation between every sector within the creative industry

About Africa Creative Summit

Africa Creative Summit fosters creativity aimed at engendering and enhancing collaboration, promotion and incorporation between every sector within the creative industry.

It promotes the technical know-how of the creative industry in order to bridge the gap in the African creative industry, where people have access to the latest up to date equipment but they do not seem to process how to maximize the full potential of the tools as well as its product marketing and distribution imperatives.

The Creative Summit   -Postponed until further notice – Due to unexpected circumstances we have to postpone the event until further notice. We are deeply sorry for the short information. We will do the utmost to make the Africa Creative Summit take place.  Please keep checking our website and your inbox for updates and news.

Whether it’s a real human character or an animated film, several processes are carried out before target audience get to watch great quality contents. These processes can be grouped into pre-production, production and post-production. To deliver overall high quality content, creative professionals specialising in different technical aspects under each process must have extensive knowledge in them.   

Both studio recorded programmes, and live programmes produced for television need creative professionals working in television to learn advance technical and creative skills to always get outstanding contents. These technical knowledge ranges from studio setting, camera usage, sound, to transmission. Studio set To set up a proper studio for television programmes, substantial technical knowledge in

Sound Engineering and Production The art of creating, recording and optimising audio for playback via TV, radio, cinema or web, sound engineering is an exciting and constantly changing field. Covering everything from music composition to audio recording, mixing and mastering, audio engineers are highly sought after professionals with career opportunities worldwide.

This deals with setting audio and visual component for activities like slide presentations, big screen view among others in outdoor and large crowd events like conferences, launch events, cinema, and live programmes. Places where audio visual systems are used often have a developed stage and audience section. It usage can also be extended to web

Just like television production, radio as well entails different processes which ranges from editorial and script writing, mic and sound recording to live transmission. weather it is an audio radio production or show radio production, the unique back end works attached to each must be well understood by technical experts in radio. Scripting audio, creating

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