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One way to boost the economy of African creative industry is through investment from individuals and foreign partners, so creative professionals and business owners need to have extensive knowledge on investment opportunities within the African creative industry.

In our upcoming summit, research based facts on the best investment decision to make and possible return on investment (ROI) will be discussed.

Economists and business analysts who have detailed knowledge on investment will share facts, and forecast information about the creative industry investment, as well as analysis tools in our upcoming summit to guide potential investors in decision making.


The digital age has made competition very high in almost all industries, as many businesses tend to win the same set of clients over within the digital space, but businesses who spend time investing in researching, defining, and building their brand to increase their visibility to target audience have upper hand in the marketplace.

Branding helps businesses gain loyal customers, confirms their credibility, and motivates the potential buyers to buy.

Different approaches and strategies emerge continuously on how best to brand works, therefore creative professionals need up to date knowledge on the ones that work best for their businesses.

Brand analysts and professionals will be presence in our upcoming summit.


After creating an excellent work, you need to inform your target audience as well as maintain great relationship with them, this is where marketing comes in.

In this present age, marketing has taking a different dimension, the old marketing tactics that work in the creative industry before doesn’t anymore. Recent study has shown how a large number of individuals get most of the things they want online, therefore online marketing is the most effective now.

To market product, services or media contents, online tools such as social media and digital advertising, both on website and mobile device applications, as well as internet forums are necessary.

In our summit you will learn new marketing strategies and tactics that speaks more to your contents, and will help push your contents out.

Public Relations

Most individuals, business, or organisations in the creative industry are vulnerable to public misinterpretation, so they need public relations services to protect, enhance or build reputations through the media and social media platforms. They also need PR to mitigate crisis when it happens especially when their works have gained high public recognition.

PR involves telling stories that promote business idea, and purchase of your product. Adequate knowledge is needed on all techniques involve in managing the public relations of businesses in African creative industry.

Effective PR strategies and tools that work for creative industry will be shared by PR experts in Africa and diaspora that will be present in the event.


Having a clear understanding of the best distribution channel for creative works is highly essential. With full awareness of the internet age, and how most things are carried out on online platforms, the right distribution strategy for different creative works must be figured out.

This will be influenced by the market structure, the firm’s objectives, its resources and of course it’s overall marketing strategy.

Creative professionals also need to have comprehensive knowledge on the criteria of choosing the best distribution channel for their works, hence reason it will be discussed extensively in our conferences, trainings and workshops.

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