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Just as other industries have laws that bind their operations, so does the creative industry. Each African country has laws that cover legislation regulating media of all types i.e. television, film, music, publishing, advertising, internet and news.

These laws deal with intellectual property, contracts, corporate, finance, right to privacy, tax law, insurance law, employment and labor law with the entertainment industry. Entertainment laws serve as guide and protection measures for creative professionals

Some of the major laws are:


Copyright law protects intellectual property of professionals in the creative industry. Under copyright law an original creator of media content is granted exclusive right for its use and distribution within a limited time.

Each African country has copyright laws which bind creative work of professionals in the industry, so an in-depth understanding of each country’s copyright act is necessary for creative professionals.


For creative professionals to register their brand in their target audience’s minds they need to create their unique brand identity and get trademark on them.  To do this, professional needs to understand what getting it entails, rules and regulations in it and how to report trespass done by other parties.

Sync License

Publishers within the creative industry are much more in need of music synchronization license, as it gives them right use the music in a visual piece, such as a movie, video game, or commercial. The license is used by the owner or composer of the creative piece needed.

Creative professionals need to understand the rules and regulations attached to this, in case any need arises in the nearest.


The contracts agreements are needed for transaction or intellectual property exchange within creative professionals or between businesses. Contracts in the entertainment industry are always very complex, they contain clauses, rules and regulations which must be well understood by creative professionals before signing agreements.

Contracts always have different laws included in them, so creative professionals must have clear understanding of each law.

Different contracts are developed during transactions in many aspects of the the entertainment business, such as writing, concert production, agency, publication and licensing of musical works, and distribution among others.

All the entertainment laws will be taught in details in our upcoming summit.

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