The music industry is a fast growing industry, both known and upcoming artist are recording songs frequently in the studio to entertain their fans. The songs recorded by artists are not what audience listens to, but rather the mixed and mastered version of the songs. This is the technical side of music production that determined how audience embraces different artists’ songs.
The technical processes here are studio design and installation, sound design, missing and mastering.

  1. Studio design and installation

    There are some techniques and parameter attached to setting up a music studio, professionals in this field must have in-depth knowledge about them for proper audio production. Studio professionals must understand how to choose audio interface, studio microphones, best studio padding tools and other necessary equipment.

  2. Sound design

    Studio professionals need to have up to date knowledge on software and digital tools needed to create sounds for different piece, as well as how to create a desired sound effect or mood.

    Practical know how on psychoacoustics, computer networking, component integration, system engineering, acoustics and systems for sophisticated audio distribution should be acquired by studio professionals to derive best sound.

  3. Mixing and mastering

    Once artist record songs, it becomes a raw material for studio engineers to work on. Who will carry out two basic things for the recorded sound to become a great audio, which are mixing and mastering.

    Mixing entails putting multiple layers of recorded sounds together to make it into one track while mastering involves adding different elements such as compression, equalization, stereo to optimize the mixed track.

    To do these two basic things perfectly, and derive great audio, producers need to learn several techniques. If you wish to learn the techniques attend our upcoming summit.

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