Both studio recorded programmes, and live programmes produced for television need creative professionals working in television to learn advance technical and creative skills to always get outstanding contents. These technical knowledge ranges from studio setting, camera usage, sound, to transmission.

  1. Studio set

    To set up a proper studio for television programmes, substantial technical knowledge in studio flooring, production control room, master room and other facilities that are attached to television production must be acquired by studio professionals.

  2. Camera

    Just like most individuals, many creative professionals in Africa hardly read the detailed information in cameras’ manuals to know their potentials, this tend to limit the work of such camera. Because all the essential features attached to the cameras which can enhance visual contents will be unknown.
    Technical knowledge involved in choosing the right camera, setting it up for production and using the different features to get a high quality production should be clear to all professionals using cameras.
    Manufacturers of innovative products like ultra-high definition (UHD or 4K) cameras, lightweight stabilisation, low-light cameras, drones and high-quality camera traps will be presence at our summit to enlighten professionals on their usage.

  3. Sound quality

    In television production, sound quality is as important as the visual quality. Professionals in this field must understand how best to record audio in different environments; whether in the studio or on locations. All back end works that must be taken care of before high quality sound can be produced, together with the tools needed should be known by professionals.

  4. Transmission

    Once ready to use contents are available for different television programmes, there is need to transmit the programmes for target audience to view developed contents. Technical knowledge on different advance broadcast systems for perfect transmission should be acquired by creative professionals.
    In our summit, professionals will be enlightened on the new technologies such as Digital terrestrial TV (DTTV), High Definition Television (HDTV, Pay-per-view, Video-on-demand, Web TV, IPTV) and more.

  5. Live streaming

    Live streaming is an in-thing currently, as most within the target audience of terrestrial television across the globe have embraced the habit of getting media contents of their choices online, to call their attention to terrestial television programmes, they must be provided live streaming features.
    Technical knowledge on running different types of live streams, live streaming basics, live stream software and essential elements need to acquire by professional in this field.
    For audience to have awesome watching experiencing through live streaming service, necessary techniques must be understood and taken care of properly.
    Experts in the technical aspect of television will be present in our summit to take attendees through essential practical knowledge.

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